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Expandable Bamboo Cutlery Drawer Storage Box


Customizable tray expands from 13" to 23" wide. Unit measures 18" long and 2. 5" high. Keeps your drawers organized.

Durable, beautiful bamboo construction. Fast-growing and plentiful, bamboo is a naturally hardy building material. Easy to maintain, wipes clean with soap and water.

Five long compartments. Perfect for cooking utensils and tools like spatulas, ladles, tongs, whisks, can openers, forks, knives and food thermometers

Multipurpose design also functions well as a craft drawer, supply storage, office drawer organizer, hair accessory holder, and more

Seamstresses and tailors can organize their sewing kit with compartments for their needles, threads, crochet, buttons, thimbles and tape measures

Minimum Drawer Clearance: 23.25" W, 19" L, 3.25" H
Item Size: 350 * 290 * 45mm / 13.78 * 11.42 * 1.77in
Tension Size: 425 * 350 * 45mm / 16.73 * 13.78 * 1.77in

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