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Eco-Friendly 50pcs/Pack Bamboo


ALL NATURAL, Hay! Straws are nature's straws. They are made from whole wheat stems, minimally processed and Non GMO. When we say whole wheat stems, we mean it! We do not process the plant and make a mold of it. It really is just the stem of the plant.

NEVER SOGGY, Perfect for hot and cold beverages. We get it, paper straws suck. Literally they break apart while you're drinking and small pieces of paper straw float on your drink, Not a good look, Hay! Straws on the other hand hold up very well. Naturally, wheat stems contain silica in their wall cells, which give the plant flexibility. When drinking, Hay Straws are just like plastic but without harming the planet.

100% BIODEGRADABLE, Compostable in home and municipal facilities. Really you can just throw it in your compost or you can feed it to your pet rabbit. If they fall and fly into the ocean a turtle could also eat them. It's just the stem of a plant and they are Intended to be single use, directly replacing plastic straws.

GLUTEN FREE- Tested as Gluten free, safe for celiac intolerant people. Well, we can explain what is really happening here. A lot of people ask whether our straws are safe if you are gluten intolerant and they are. The reason is because the gluten enzyme is found in the grain and not the stem but to be sure we batch test and are always well below the mark.

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